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So, my mom is visiting my relatives in the Philippines and the first thing I told her to buy is Julie’s album. But apparently, the places she went to have no more in stock. I mean, I’m happy that it could mean it was sold out, what luck.HAHAH..

Pero, does anyone know where i could buy it? That does shipping in the US. and have a reasonable price.

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"I’d rather have them go solo than be paired with someone else"
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This picture didn’t prove that Julielmo’s are cheating. Someone’s just assuming that this is because they obviously didn’t get the message. If you look at the picture,all is blurry except the word “Teamwork” and that’s how the person meant it. #teamwork is our software. Gets?

This picture didn’t prove that Julielmo’s are cheating. Someone’s just assuming that this is because they obviously didn’t get the message. If you look at the picture,all is blurry except the word “Teamwork” and that’s how the person meant it. #teamwork is our software. Gets?

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So just cause we’re leading in the polls, cheaters na agad?? Julielmos have dedication and teamwork when it comes to things like this. Trust me,I’ve been one for a long time. And to accuse them of cheating because our idols are winning? That ain’t right. Julielmos do their best at supporting both Julie and Elmo,and if you’re getting hurt over awards like these? Sorry,but our idols are in showbiz,you win some,you lose some!

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I thought this was done and over with? Hmm…
Cant we just let it go? It’s show biz , not
Everyone s going to like what you do.
This was last year. And for some people
Who were cursing just to prove
A point, please stop.
There’s no need for that.

And all you guys could brag about is
Having a double platinum album and a concert.
JE fans aren’t rubbing anything on
Your faces. Both loveteams are
Successful in their own way.
Different networks,different managing.

Peace lng. It’s also not a
Healthy argument when
Fans are getting hurt by the words,
And even our loveteams are hurting.

Lets have a healthy competition, not

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StoryBook: Annie

Chapter 1

“YESSSSS!” Elmo excitedly hugged Julie! Julie was surprised. “So,tayo na? Mag girlfriend -boyfriend na tayo?” He asked,hugging her tightly this time. “Oo nga eh!” Sinagot na nga kita ehh. Why you don’t like it?” She jokingly asked him. “No.no.no.” he immediately answered. “Woohhooooo!!! Finally!,after 3 years of courting you! Woohoo!” Elmo was running around,joyful.

Elmo’s been courting Julie eversince freshmen year of high school. Julie and Elmo had been friends since elementary. They were pretty close,and their family are friends too. Now,they are seniors.


[Before the event]

"Hello po tita and Tito!" Julie greeted Elmo’s parents. "Hello hija! " his mom,Pipa,greeted. Julie hugged his dad,Francisco. "How are you?" His dad asked. "I’m good Tito,how about you?" "Doing fine!" He answered. "Where’s Elmo?" She asked them. "I don’t think his here!" Pipa answered. Julie sighed,"where could he be?" "Probably doing something for you,like he usually does!" Francisco joked. "Ayyy, Tito.!" She laughed. His parents knows about Elmo courting her,they don’t mind since they like her and get along with her. "Pahirapin mo pa sya!" Francisco joked. "Its not like that Tito. Pakipot lang!" She shot back. They all laughed.

Truth be told: Julie already loves Elmo,she just wants to challenge him. How sincere he is about her,how determined he is to get her. And after 3 years, Julie fully realized Elmo’s intention about her and their relationship.

Julie’s phone rung,”Hello?” “Julie! Meet me at the Rizal park at 6!” Elmo quickly said then hung up. “Okay?” She said. “Who was it?” Pipa asked. “It was Elmo,tita.” She answered. “About what? Seems like he was in a rush!” She said,looking at Francisco and giving him a smirk. “I don’t even know. He just told me to meet him at Rizal park. “She confusingly told them. “Ahh.. its 5:30,you should go now.” Francisco said. “Oh right!” Julie said. She bid her farewell. Julie took a cab there as soon as she got off,her heart started beating she doesnt see anybody,it was just her.She took her right hand and touched hee left breast to feel her heart beating fast. She was walking the pathway seeing the red petals. She followed it,she kept walking until she seen familiar faces of people holding the big boards with the words “COULD YOU BE MINE?” While Elmo was holding the “FOREVER” board holding a banquet. She smiled upon seeing this sweet event. She teared up a little bit.”Will you be mine forever?” He asked her walking up to her to give her the flowers. Julie was speechless,she never had anyone to these kinds of event for her. “Yesss!,Elmo I can be yours… forever.” She finally said.

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La Douleur Exquise: Unpopular Opinion: Myjaps drama →


Sa tingin ko, drama lang yung pagbagsak ni Julie sa Party Pilipinas. It’s all part of the show.

  • Una sa lahat, ang theme ng Party Pilipinas noong araw na yon e “STRONGER”. Do the math.
  • Pangalawa, karaniwan sa live shows, pag may nangyayari na aksidente, kina-cut ang airing. Commercial agad.

i thought i was the only one having the same thoughts as you. 

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Bad Move

Im back.lol.
But anyways, seriously,GMA?
I was watching EB ididnt
Realize that Alden was going
To sing with her. Bias aside,
I didnt feel anything.
I dont see the chemisty.
And i miss Julielmo so damn much.
And i think Julie misses him too,
She was wearing blue!(assumera)

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I think, i wont use this as much i am right now. Its cause i feel like “Julielmo” aren’t happy anymore. It seems like “nasasakal” na sila sa loveteam nila, but not with each other. Julie isnt as happy as she used to be.And i’ve been wondering why. Eversince, the USA trip, they have been acting differently, in my opinion. And i dont know if its because of the Just One Summer result, the spotted pictures that i think some of us should be immune to it or something changed their dynamic. I dont know, i dont feel their kilig vibes anymore. If they’re not feeling it, im not feeling it either. Or im wondering if Julie is numb towards Elmo about the whole LY thing. Like, she wont reciprocate the feelingd. Why would a girl turn numb towards a guy? My guess, is as good as yours. But im still waiting for the day, that the JULIELMO that we loved from 2010 comes back. Best of luck to them, individually or together.

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StoryBook: The Letter


Julie ransacked her storage that had Elmo’s stuff that she was going to bring back to him,but they left.She found the box And looked for an unopened letter and she found the envelope that hasn’t been opened. She opened it and read along with the words:

May 05,2005 
The day my heart would hurt so Much but not as much as I would hurt you. I wrote this letter because I couldn’t tell you this face to face.I hope you dont think i dont love you anymore,because i do and i will always love you.My parents found a bride for me,and sadly,it’s not you. Do you know how sad I was when I found out? I don’t want to get married And if I was going to get married,I’d want to get married to you. I dreaded wondering if I should tell you or not. Wondering how you would react,I know it wouldn’t be good. And knowing that you’re going to get hurt because of me,I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to see you cry.So,ill suffer this by myself and let you live even if you’ll be happy in the future.And please become a fashion designer ,the thing that you always wanted to be. Ill walk away regretting everything that I’ve done. And when we see each other in the future, I wont give up and get you back! -Love,Elmo Magalona”

She read the letter with tears in her eyes. And when she said those things earlier,she thought wrong. How could she think that he was happy when he was actually much more miserable than her. She wiped her tears and heard her cellphone ring.

"Hey,Elmer!" She greeted happily trying to cover her real emotions. "Are we still going out tonight?" He asked. "Actually,I have somewhere to go to right now!" she said. "Ahh okay,maybe sometime then!" He said,sounding disappointed.

She took her car keys and started driving.

“Philippine Airlines flight 101,ready to board.” The lady in the intercom announced.

Joey and Elmo were getting their things ready. Elmo kept looking back trying to to miss Julie,if she ever came.They settled down in the airplane seat,ready to leave.

Julie was panting so hard,trying to catch her breathe. She looked at the listing of the boarded plane. She scanned through it fast, she looked at it again. Her eyes widened when she saw flight 101 already left. She cried and cried. Wiping her tears as she was walking back to her car. “What do I do now?” She asked herself. She wiped her last tears. “I didn’t even tell him how much I missed him!” She said.

She opened the door to a small green house. It was dark but she looked at the roses. She was having a nostalgic feeling. She smiled remembering what happened in here.

It was when Elmo and her were still little kids. Elmo told her that once they get older, he’d marry her. And from that day on, they planted red roses till Elmo left. But that didn’t stop Julie from planting more red roses each year. Planting roses after Elmo left not only reminded her of how many years he had left but also reminds her of their childhood memory her.

Julie cried even more here. She heard a noise from the inside. She was afraid,she stood up and turned on the little flashlight she’d got. She stopped herself from crying. She looked around and seen a figure. “Who are you?” She asked. “Julie?” Said a familiar voice. “Elmo?” She said. She dropped her flashlight. She was relieved to hear his voice. “you didn’t leave yet?” She said,asking the most obvious question. “I mean,if you want me to leave,then ill leave now!” Elmo joked. “No,no,no!” She said. “I should’ve gone!” He said. “No,you shouldn’t!” She said. They both sat down on the bench. “Member when you said that once you leave I’d be happy?” She said. “Hmmm.” Elmo agreeing. “What do I do when the person that’s making me happy is going to leave? Do I let him go or move on?” She asked. “If its making you happy,then why let it go?” Elmo threw the question back to her. “I don’t think I should let him go!” She said. “Then….” he said. Julie hugged him tightly, Elmo hugged her back. “I missed you!” She said,this time. “I missed you…. a lot!” He said. “And I’m sorry for the things I said earlier today! I love you!” She said. “I love you too… very much!”

That’s the feeling that Julie and Elmo hadn’t felt in a long time. Eventhough,they date other people, they’d never feel the things they feel when their with each other.

“Hazel! ” Julie whispered to her ears. Hazel lightly opened her eyes, “aunt Julie? ” she said. She stood up and hugged her. Hazel seen Elmo behind her. “Who’s that?” She asked. “Elmo..” she said. Hazel was shocked. “Seriously,that’s the..” Julie covered her mouth. “Shhhh..” Elmo had that weird look. So she teased her, “so,Patay na patay ka pala akin! And you acted like you didn’t care!” “Psstt!!” She shook her head.

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